Good Karma proudly showcases local artists in all of our cafes.  All showcased art is available for purchase.

Good Karma I/II

Juli (Jule) Snyder is a painter, dog mom, advocate, volunteer & owner of Black Arrow Arts. Creativity is a vital channel of self expression and communication. Through art, she connects with her valued viewers on a personal level. She has a deep desire to help people live happier, healthier, more enriching lives and is committed to making the world a better, more connected place. Julie can be reached at // // (215) 275-1841


Good Karma II

Vince De Leo is an artist living in the city of Philadelphia. He graduated from Temple University with a BA in the arts. He has always been inspired by what surrounds him, and his work is the way his visions are able to come to life.  Vince's hope is that his creations will entertain and maybe create a laugh here and there. While some may seem light-hearted, some may suggest more than what is on the surface.

As a young girl, Genevieve Fareira enjoyed creating art.  About 2 years ago, Genevieve began painting on canvas with acrylic paints as a hobby to help relieve stress and soul heal. It started out as a painting here and a painting there and before she knew it, her walls were covered with paintings. It was when her walls were full that she realized that painting had become more than just a hobby, it is now a passion.

This is Genevieve's first time having her art on display in public. She creates custom pieces and also chalkboards are available. Check her out on social media. @miss.fareira and/or @missfareirapaints

Good Karma III

Hello I am Raj Sarma.  Born and raised in Bombay, India, I’ve had the privilege of calling New York City and Philadelphia my home over the last 15 years. During this period I’ve traveled extensively, met a lot of amazing people and taken a gazillion photographs! What you see here is only a snippet of my work, but it has all of my heart in it. To see more of my work, I encourage you to visit my website ( If you like what you see, get in touch with me.

I love to showcase photos from my travels, but my work encompasses wedding & lifestyle, events and product photography. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks for reading!